Our Terroir

The Climate

Generous, rich & contrasting

Currently planted on 12 ha between 100 and 350m of altitude, the vines of Château de Crémat are located on the territory of the commune of Nice (Alpes-Maritimes), spread over the four hills along the Var valley: Crémât, St Sauveur, la Manda and Saquier.
The only vineyard with an AOP entirely located in a large urban area, between the sea and the mountains, the Bellet vineyard is bathed in sunshine (286 days/year).


The floor

Unique & demanding land

The soil is mainly made up of “Poudingue”, a mixture of rolled pebbles, clay and very light sand of the silica-limestone type. Poor and draining, it is very favourable to the vine. On this terroir, the grapes ripen slowly, enriching their juice with sugar and preserving their acidic character.
Planted on slopes laid out in “ribas” (narrow terraces), the vines are not easily accessible. This particular configuration limits accessibility and imposes on the winegrower a manual work and a “tailor-made” parcel approach.


Grape Varieties

France, Alpes Maritimes (06), Nice, AOC Bellet, Domaine de Vin Toasc
Typical & colourful

For our white wines, Rolle & Chardonnay

Rolle, known as Vermentino in Italy, has been cultivated for a long time in Mediterranean soils, but it thrives in our warm terroirs and delivers its best expression. It expresses itself with roundness and finesse.

Chardonnay has been present on the estate since the end of the 1990s and brings minerality to our wines.

For our red wines, Folle Noire & Grenache

The Folle noire (Fuëlla Nera), an autochthonous grape variety, is a late bloomer and gives our red wines their personality. Its deep aromas are combined with silky tannins, softened by time, for a beautiful final balance.

Grenache, the Mediterranean grape variety par excellence, completes the blend, bringing richness, aromatics and sweetness.