Tchoup Comedy Club - 14 février 20242

The T’Choup Comedy Club


Another success for Le T’Choup Comedy Club and its 8 comedians, who shone brightly on February 14 at the Château de Crémat.

Thank you to our 300 guests who turned out for this sold-out Valentine’s Day event, filled with love and humor, under our ‘Grand Palais’ Verrière refurbished in amphitheater configuration for the occasion.

Réveillon 31-12-23 (111)

December 31st at Château de Crémat


A look back at New Year’s Eve celebrations at the Château. An evening of enchantment and French Art de Vivre, in a place that has welcomed celebrities, artists, royalty and writers from all over the world.

Vignes 2023 (88)

The end of the harvest


Summer is slowly fading, and with it the harvest season is drawing to a close.

Harvest time is essential. Winegrowers must wait for the grapes to reach optimum maturity in terms of flavor and sugar. This decision depends on factors such as grape type, wine-growing region and the year’s weather conditions. Harvesting too early can result in a wine that is too acidic, while harvesting too late can result in a wine that is too sweet.


A memorable summer at Château de Crémat


Music resounded in the gardens of the Château de Crémat at several open-air concerts. Local and international artists thrilled audiences with a variety of musical performances, from jazz to classical to world music. Whether through music, culture or family time, this iconic venue captured the essence of summer and shared it with everyone who came through its doors.