Château de Crémat

The 7 hectares spread over the hills of Crémat, St Sauveur and Saquier, they enjoy an exceptional microclimate allowing for a slow maturing of the grapes, thanks in particular to an unusual exposition to winds: winds blowing down from the Alps and air coming up from the Mediterranean Sea.

7 hectares
Sand-lime (pudding stone)
Rolle, Chardonnay, Folle noire, Grenache, Braquet
Nota Bene
Organic Production, hand-picked harvests


The soil is of a sand-lime type – known as “pudding stone” (compact with sand and pebbles) – and contains some clay chards.


The terroir is located in a zone tempered by the sea breeze, warming up the winters, and the very close Alps mountains, refreshing the summers.

Grape varieties

The Rosés are made of 100% Braquet, the Whites of 95% Rolle (Vermentino) and 5% Chardonnay, the Reds of Folle Noire 60% and Grenache 40%.


Between mid-September and mid-October, the hand-picked harvests are put in small boxes. By successive sorting on the vine and in the cellar, the selection of quality grapes allows for the maturity wished.


It is made traditionally. A membrane pressing machine for the Whites and the Rosés; a pellicular maceration, a vertical pressing machine for the Reds, and a vatting period of approximately three weeks before pressing.


For the white wines, the aging is of a dozen months. The red wines are fully aged in 500 to 228 liters kegs. After the aging process, the wines are bottled up and stored in the cellar.

Château de Crémat

The location


The French Riviera is known for its moderate climate, its mild winters. The Bellet vineyard is located on the Western side of the city of Nice, on terraces overlooking the left bank of the river Var: at night it is subject to the sea breeze. This specific mid-climate leads to late harvesting, which gives to the Bellet wines a more Northern than Southern characteristic.

Le Château de Crémat

Tasting & Visits

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Le Château de Crémat

Events & Private Functions

The Château, its architecture and its view over the Big Blue, offers a prestigious location for your events.

Le Château de Crémat

Wedding ceremonies at the Château

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